Vita Digital, Inc is dedicated to providing educational training and support for K-10 students in the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and STEM. We introduce the core concepts behind Robotics and Artificial Intelligence using easy to understand concepts and illustrations suitable for elementary to high school aged children.

Featured topics include face recognition, emotion recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robot navigation, and human-robot interaction. We also demonstrate these concepts with hands-on sessions using some of the latest robots available on the market.



Artificial Intelligence

Big Data/Cloud Computing


Health Sciences

The field of robotics is one of the fastest growing technologies that will have a huge impact on our daily lives in the near future. Within the next 5 - 10 years, we will see self-driving cars on the streets and personal robots in the home. This proliferation of robots will only intensify as time goes on and the world will need highly skilled and intelligent individuals to help create these technologies of the future. Now is the time for youth interested in this field to build the foundation necessary to participate in this new wave.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the main pillars of the field of robotics. It is the "brains" that drives the function and actions of robots. It allows machines to think and learn in ways that are similar to the human brain. This ability is crucial to allow machines to function and make decisions without a human telling them what to do. A strong grasp of the STEM field is necessary to excel in learning and implementing Artificial Intelligence applications.

Various programming languages are the means in which humans create the framework for how a Robot and Artificial Intelligence applications generally interact with the real world. Mastering the core principles of programming will allow you to learn the required languages necessary to implement your robotic and artificial intelligence applications.


We currently offer in-school and after-school programs in the Atlanta metro area. Please contact us if interested in discussing our offerings.